I catch up with Chris at Sales Kick Off in Las Vegas. He talks to me about how SDG is diversifying both on a geographical and Industry basis

I talk to Dave at SKO 2020 about the way BT are using Qlik. They are looking at viewing their customers across the whole BT data landscape which offers up its own challenges. Qlik is helping them bring together many disparate data formats. He also talks about the importance of Data Literacy in creating a real time actionable view of their customers.

I catch up with Patrick from IAS and he gives me insight in to why he loves Qlik and how it helps him to deliver to his customers. IAS have a hugely complicated data infrastructure and Qlik helps him to destroy the silos that are inevitable with complication.

I managed to catch up with Martin at the New York Data Revolution Tour. He talks to me about whats the future for Vizlib. Also available as a YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or7Y-yGDmhA

Had a great chat with Ranjit the CEO of Rox AI. He talks of the future for Rox AI and the strong partnership he has with Qlik. Also available on the Qlik Spotlight YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW1uf5CQ_gSrR6wZ-WSwAzEJrnve9T-Ff

Paul talks to me about the new patent registered by Qlik and the process it entails. This QDC patent took about 4 years to reach fruition and allows us to protect the process around this unique function for Qlik. This isn't the only patent Qlik produce and is critical to show how unique Qlik products are when compared to our competition.

Had a great chat with Sunil at the London Data Revolution Tour and we talked all things Alerting and what is the future like for Rox AI and its alerting tool.

October 23, 2019

Qlik Luminaries

I talk to Daryl D'Cruz and Emma Alexander from Samsung Europe and Gary Palmer from Forbidden Planet at the London Data Revolution. They talk about how the day has been for them and how important networking is at events like this. We also talk about data literacy and how data illiterate people are.

October 22, 2019

Adam Mayer and his Statoids

Adam talks about the Statoids he and Daniel Lumkeman created for the London DRT. Its a blend of fun and also spreading the message of the importance of data.

This is a bit of a taster for the full interview at the New York Data Revolution Tour. We talk about the long relationship Qlik has had with Qlik and what to look forward to at Vizlib.

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