September 2, 2021

EBI Experts launch SAM

JP talks to me about Section Access Management (SAM) and how it adds a layer of simplicity around managing your Qlik section access environment

Uma Mahida from Qlik talks about Diwali and how her family celebrates this important time in the  Indian calendar.

In episode 2 of this series me and Gail talk to Mike and Kathi about how Qlik are fighting racism in corporate America and across the globe.

I have a great chat with Ellie about Data Brilliance and how Qlik accelerated their digital transformation and increased adoption within BT Consumer

Had a great chat with Masaki who works as a pre-sales manager in Japan. He and his co-authors spotted a gap in the market where there were no Instructional Qlik Sense books written in Japanese. So they decided to write one themselves, they had a few challenges on the way such as what material to include without the book being 2000 pages long but the rest is history, you can go to all of the popular online book stores and buy a copy. What a great example of  entrepreneurial spirit and go get attitude.

Gail, Mike and Kathi talk about racism and bias in a corporate environment. Mike and Kathi talk about how Qlik is looking at these issues and meeting them head to head.

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